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Line List 2023

A message from Laura Elizabeth

My journey toward making sustainable, ethical, nature-inspired jewelry began when I was working as a nanny. I’ve always had a deep connection with kids, their unfathomable joy, honesty, and innocence are heartwarming and inspiring, so when my niece was born I wanted to spend every minute with her. All this time with kids made me realize the need for durable jewelry that can be worn with tugging toddlers as well as out to dinner. Jewelry for our everyday lifestyle. This is the inspiration that eventually led me to create strong necklaces you can swim, sweat, shower, and sleep in.

After all this time and love for children, I couldn’t help but think about their future and the world they will grow up and live in. So, as I began laying the foundation for my jewelry business, it was incredibly important that sustainable and ethical practices were a cornerstone of my practices. I use recycled metal (versus mining), I cast my jewelry in a way that is low toxic, and the waste disposal method leaves less of a carbon footprint. All of my packaging and shipping materials are also sourced sustainably and recyclable. In addition to the great lengths we take to protect the environment, everyone working on my jewelry works less than eight hours a day and gets paid above a living wage. Read more here.

Given my focus on sustainable practices, it was only natural that Mother Nature inspire me to create pieces from her. So often I turn to nature for the designs of my jewelry. In fact, most of the pieces in my collection are items found in the wild. It first started with a dusty miller leaf I discovered on a walk. Since then, I have cast dried cactus, tree bark, real starfish, star anise (spice), succulents, and petals.

As we continue to grow and my designs evolve, I remain committed to my core values of sustainable, timeless, and accessible jewelry.

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