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Frequently Asked Questions

All necklaces are assembled in Austin, Texas. The Jacqueline earrings are cast in Jaipur, India in a fair trade and eco-friendly facility. The other earrings are assembled in Austin, Texas. Most of the pendants and cuffs are cast in the Los Angeles Jewelry District. Some of the pendants are cast with our fair trade and eco-friendly partners in Jaipur, India.

A lot goes into a brand being eco-friendly. We use recycled material in every aspect that we can. We use recycled metals, organic cloth bags, and recycled material for printing, shipping, etc. But, this isn’t enough to make the brand eco-friendly. In the US (where the majority of our product is cast/made) there are strict regulations in keeping a company eco-friendly and non-toxic. Both where we cast and plate the material have been approved in this way for several years. We go so far as using earth friendly/non-toxic cleaning products in the facilities.

Every human who is involved in making our jewelry you enjoy is respected in every aspect of the process. We do not make our products in sweatshops. And never will.

You can wear your LEJ to workout in, sweat in, and shower in. The jewelry is durable and high quality. Since the pendants are plated with 1+ microns the plating will last. The chains are sterling silver and 14-karat gold-filled. All this mean is the gold will stay gold and the silver will stay silver.

Sterling silver’s properties are such that when the metal meets oxygen it wants to tarnish. This is the case for any silver, sterling silver, 927, etc. If you have experienced your jewelry tarnishing quickly in your region, we recommend that you store your jewelry in sealed plastic bags. This can happen in more humid climates. We have cleaning cloths available.

When you are not wearing and enjoying your LEJ jewelry, I recommend keeping your necklaces in their ziplocked bags (they come in) to decrease the chances of tangling and tarnish. To be honest, I rarely do that. I throw my necklaces on my desk and that way I can grab them quickly as I’m running out the door.

Our orders generally ship out no longer than 48 hours of the day you placed the order. Often, items are shipped the same day if the order is placed before 2pm Central Time.

If you are not 100% happy and wearing your LEJ, let’s find you something that is more YOU! We want you happy. We offer exchange.