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What is Sustainable Jewelry

Is it me or has sustainability become the new buzzword? I’ve been trying to learn more, and do more both as a consumer and a business. We’ve all probably bought stuff from brands that weren’t totally trustworthy, or impulse buys without researching the company’s ethics. It happens! The point of this email isn’t to judge but to open up a dialogue around sustainability and how to improve. 

Alright, let’s talk sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion aims to create and sustain a positive change. I use the word, “aim,” because let’s face it, we all want to do “good.” The struggle (for me, at least) is ensuring that my choices don’t harm other humans or the environment.

When I researched the term, it felt like the information was a bit shallow. The Zoe Report talks about how people break down sustainability into categories and pick what resonates with them. It’s true, so thanks Rachel Zoe does that help?

How to spot the good ones

Sustainable brands will shout their sustainability from the rooftops, so usually, their website is enough. If you’re still not sure, directories like GoodOnYou are helpful.

Bear in mind though that smaller businesses like Laura Elizabeth aren’t on there. 

So if you’re looking to buying jewelry and aren’t sure about the brand’s ethics, here’s what you should look for


Do they...

  • Use recycled metals
  • Feature ethical stones
  • Have fair labor processes
  • Create classic, timeless pieces


That last one seems random, but it’s important! Remember those cringe photos from back in the day, the ones that make you go, “why did I wear that?!”   Yeah, we’ve all been there. Classic pieces won’t do that to you though! They’re way more loyal, they’ll stick around.


If your new forever-jewelry is Laura Elizabeth, feel good knowing our brand does all this and more! You can learn more about our process and ethos in our interview with Silva, resident caster, and long-time friend! 


As we reflect on what the future holds for fashion, I turn to you. How can we be better as businesses and consumers? What kind of change are we striving for and what should our future be? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share!

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