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What is ethical & eco-friendly jewelry?

I'm often asked what makes my jewelry different than others? I have three words: quality, ethical, and eco-friendly. Oh and most of my necklaces are life/child-proof. Listen, in my perception we are each drawn to different designs. And that is WONDERFUL! What we like is subjective. Jewelry is an accessory. It is meant to express an aspect of ourselves. Sure some of my designs are unique such as the Courtenay cuff. Nobody else makes a leaf cuff that was cast from a real leaf like this one. 

But, why would I buy a pineapple necklace from Laura Elizabeth versus someone else? Of course my initial response is, "cause mine is better!";) True, but why?

  1. Quality      
  2. Ethical
  3. Eco-friendly
Okay, but what the heck does that mean? I interviewed Sylva, my friend and the woman who casts many of my ethical and eco-friendly designs. She's been in the business even longer than me. She's got some serious integrity. Let's see what she says.. 

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