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Silva - Sustainable Oak Bark Cuff

As you know, I name each design after someone who has inspired me. Silva Kegulian inspired me long before I met her. She owns an eco-friendly, non-toxic jewelry studio in downtown Los Angeles. I had heard about Silva around town and it took me a few years of searching when I finally found her. And, when I did, it was love at first sight!

Silva helps designers all over the world create high quality, sustainable jewelry and other items cast in metal. She uses brass, gold and sterling silver. All recycled.
And, she designs gorgeous, organic jewelry of her own, that you can find here

Do you ever creatively collaborate with anyone? In my experience, I've found some people just click. Silva and I click, beautifully. She seems to read my mind and know what I'm thinking when I'm designing a piece. And, she and I have created some of my absolute favorite pieces together. Of course, I love all my jewelry equally. 😉

To put it simply, I feel so extremely grateful for this unique woman and thus wanted to express this through naming my newest organic piece after her.

This cuff is such a perfect representation of Silva and my organic, fierce and yet timeless work together. It's a clean statement cuff.


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