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Season of LOVE

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, who isn’t thinking about love? Whether you’re a firm believer in St. Valentine’s or think it’s all a ploy by Hallmark, it’s still an important day. 

I know some of you are shaking your head in disapproval, but hear me out!

To me, Valentine’s Day is a day to make our loved ones feel special. Yes, there’s a lot of pressure to celebrate romantic relationships, but actually, we have a lot of different kinds of love in our lives. Our friends, our family, our pets, ourselves - Valentine’s Day is an excuse to celebrate all of those people in our lives and celebrate ourselves!

Self-care for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, so why not use this as a day to treat yourself? It’s a great day to take yourself out on a date and think about how far you’ve come. It’s been a challenging time for everyone, so use Valentine’s Day to celebrate yourself and indulge in some self-care. 


The relationship you have with yourself will always be the most important, and Valentine’s Day is your time to build that relationship. Book a day at the spa, go on a day trip somewhere, or get a coffee in the morning and curl up with a book is the perfect way to unwind. Or treat yourself to some cute jewelry, like these stackable and adjustable rings that you can dress up or down.


For a statement gift to yourself, go for a cuff. For me, a cuff is such a bold yet classic piece of jewelry that it is a reminder to celebrate and take care of myself every time I see it. I personally love the Emily cholla cuff and the Nanette as statement pieces, but sometimes I go for something a bit more minimal like the Cara or Arianna.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for Her

Whether for Galentine’s or someone special, Valentine's Day gifts are always a little challenging. You want it to be a memorable and cherished gift, but it’s hard to find the right thing - don’t worry, I get it. 


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  Give an experience: Gifting an experience, like a cooking class together or a day at an amusement park (for the thrillseekers out there), is a great way to celebrate together. Think about things you like to do together or bucket list items that you could cross off together this Valentine’s Day. For example, I recently gave my partner (and me) knitting classes together.

  Jewelry is always safe: Jewelry is a traditional choice for Valentine’s Day because it works! It’s an easy gift to give that will be cherished forever, but that’s why it’s important to go for something classic and seasonless. Something like the Laura Elizabeth Heart necklace is on-theme for Valentine’s Day but classic enough to be worn throughout the year. 

  Rings for both: Celebrate your friendship with some keepsake jewelry! You can get matching adjustable rings like Carrie Sustainable Spiral Ring or the Wendi as a meaningful token to remind yourselves of each other and give a gift of meaning. For example, a Texas necklace or a Lady Luck (horseshoe) necklace if they’re from Texas. Or if they’re always out in nature, something textured like the Silva cuff could be really special. 

  Give the gift of silver and gold: If you’re unsure whether she likes silver or gold, something like the Jacqueline Two-Tone Silver and Gold Teardrop Earrings is an excellent middle ground. They make for an easy yet beautiful gift that’s perfect for giving to a friend or a partner. 

  Starter jewelry layering kit: If you know they like jewelry but can’t quite figure out the right style for them, we’ve made it easy by picking a few simple pieces that go well layered together or on their own, so they can get maximum wear out of it.  The Thelma & Louise necklace is a best seller. It’s a simple layered necklace. Perfect gift and starter piece. The Carly necklace is our daintiest paperclip necklace. It comes both short (15”) and long (20”).  


  Can’t decide between a long or short necklace? In addition to the Carly paperclip necklace we have three other paperclip necklaces that are beautifully worn alone and layer well with other pieces. Since they are all paperclip, they are easy to adjust in length. This is a BONUS of the paperclip necklace. You can clasp on a chain link to make the necklace any length you want! 

The Alana is our largest, most statement paperclip necklace. Just under her is Alanita (little Alana). Her links are slightly smaller, however the necklace is still a statement piece. And of course, we have the Carly that I talked about earlier, she’s the daintiest of the bunch. Then, there’s Marjory. She’s my favorite. Don’t tell the others! ;) I wear the Marjory paperclip all the time! I layer her with the Hexagon. See pictures on either product page on how I layer them.


  Need something special for a Mama? It's difficult to wear jewelry around toddlers. They love to tug on and stick anything in their mouths. I'm a former nanny, and started making jewelry because I wanted to have low toxic, durable jewelry that I could wear around children. The Mama-Friendly collection focuses on strong necklaces that are handmade. I use two chains instead of one, for strength. I slide one chain through each side of a pendant. This, along with wire-wrap (versus a jump ring) makes the necklace more durable, and keeps the pendant in front. Want to learn more? Watch my reels on Instagram for what makes my jewelry different as well as tips and tricks.


However you spend your February, I hope you feel, give and receive love. In my experience, life is so much better with it!


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