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Round Top Tips for a Fun Visit to the Shows

Round Top Tips

Round Top is a town about halfway between Austin and Houston. It’s beautiful! There are longhorns and long stretches of lush hill country. And, a few times a year there are antique shows. The big ones are in the fall and spring.


It all started back in the late 60’s as a small flea market, and now there are over 2,000 vendors! The shopping takes up an 11 mile stretch full of tents with hidden gems. It’s not just antiques anymore. Laura Elizabeth has a booth at The Arbors, just 2 miles north on highway 237 from the center of town.

My neighbors/other vendors include various artists, clothing and handbag designers as well as hat makers. And don’t get me started on the furniture and random décor finds! The Arbors has over 130 dealers! Did I mention there is a bar at The Arbors! When you visit, you’ll see groups of girlfriends and mother and daughters who have been coming to Round Top together for years. It’s a blast!

Round Top has a whole scene! I’m not just talking about the fabulous restaurants. I mean, people come dressed in their Round Top gear. Cowgirl hats and boots are encouraged. Don’t have them? Don’t worry. There’s plenty to try on and purchase when you get there.

Now that I’ve wet your palette and you want to visit, let’s talk plans and preparations. Here are some tips to help you have a smooth and fun time!

  • Book your hotel or Airbnb ahead of time (I usually book 4+ months in advance) I suggest booking at least two nights so you can take in as much as you want without the pressure of time. I don't stay in Round Top. I stay in towns nearby to save money.
  • Book dinner reservations ahead of time
  • Like I said, there’s a lot to see, so set a loose daily itinerary
  • The traffic can be brutal! So, I suggest scheduling your driving around traffic
  • Are you planning to purchase a new armoire? Be prepared to transport your purchases back home. A lot of vendors offer shipping, but it can be pricey
  • Dress appropriately! The weather can change out there! I suggest bringing something for hot, rainy, and windy weather. You just never know what you’re going to get.

While Laura Elizabeth is at The Arbors October 15-29th (9:30am-6pm), there are tons of other shows to visit and parties to attend.

Restaurant Recommendations – Remember to make reservations ahead of time! Make your reservations ahead of time!! These places are busy.

Places to visit:

Want more recommendations? I suggest visiting Explore Round Top and following Totally Tikaa on Instagram. She knows all things Round Top and shares her favorite finds in her stories. And follow Laura Elizabeth on Instagram to find us at The Arbors and see our set up!


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