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Layering jewelry: Art or an acquired skill?

The lowdown on layering


Layering jewelry is a love of mine because it’s a form of self-expression. Your layers tell a story. You can play and be whimsical or go for something a little more serious. It’s all about you! 


The other thing I love about layering? Day or night, it doesn’t matter. It just depends on your outfit and what you’re feeling! Stack some rings or bracelets for a sleek look, or layer necklaces together to make a solid-colored sweater pop. It’s an art and you’ll steadily become more comfortable as you do it more often. 


Layering and sweats - yes, it works!


While yes, I layer for a date night or events, but I’ve found it’s also great for elevating loungewear. One second you’re in your sweats feeling blah, and the next, you have a stylish upgrade with layered necklaces and stack some rings. It’s like boom! Instant change - you’ve gone from feeling lazy to feeling super cute, and that’s a great attitude to rock your next Zoom meeting with.


Are there any layering rules I should know?


Honestly, there are no rules! You make it up as you go, but here are some helpful tips I’ve learned along the way. I’ll delve into this a bit more, but here are the basics:

  • Start at the top
  • Mix metals
  • Add some stones


You can stack rings on one finger or stack rings and a cuff or bracelet on both hands and wrists. 


Okay, but what does that mean, "there are no rules"?


  1. Start at the top, and ideally, keep a minimum of 1 inch between the necklaces. 


Why? Because tangling is no fun. If you’re going for a clustered look, ignore this. Be forewarned; you will spend some time at home detangling (been there, done that, not going back!)


- I will have a blog post about detangling, so stay tuned! - 


  1. Mix up the materials and weight of the necklaces


You could go for a mix of heavy pendants or a necklace with a color. If you want something that’s a little more playful, mix metals and stones. Feeling a little more serious? You can mix some chains and small pendants.

  1. Be thoughtful


There’s no real limit to how many necklaces you can layer, but for me, it’s more about the thought and intention that goes into it. I opt for two necklaces, but three works too!


You can go for more, however, with each additional layer, it draws attention away from you, and makes it more about the jewelry. In my perspective, jewelry is meant to accentuate your beauty and personality. That’s why they are accessories! They play a supporting role, and you are the leading star. 


My process


Unless I have a specific cuff or piece of jewelry I want to show off, I plan my accessories around my outfit. 

  1. Match clothes to the occasion.
  2. Jewelry
  3. Hair
  4. Makeup (while sipping wine)


For a night out, I usually pick a statement piece like a cuff.  I’ll start from there and see how a ring looks on the same hand. If it’s too much, I switch to my opposite hand. I generally do not wear more than two rings per hand. And I like to play around with moving the rings until I feel comfortable.  


That’s the basic overview of my getting ready process. Interested in learning more about how I accessorize with my outfits? Keep an eye out for my upcoming blog post for some insider tips and tricks!

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