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International Women's Day

People all over the world have been celebrating International Women's Day on March 8th for over a century! Today, we celebrate the cultural, political, and social achievements of women.  
Photo credit: Camacho Roberts
My, how things have changed. And, I am grateful and aware of the struggle and endurance that got us, here.
Thank you!
Today, I'm celebrating and giving thanks to all the women who have affected my life.
Mom, I know I was difficult at times while I finding me.  And, as I continue on that road of self discovery, you continue to support both my sister and me to love one another, our fellow females (and males) and ourselves.
You taught us to speak our truth & to march with love.
Sometimes it's hard to see past our own pain and judgment. Thank you for the patience and tools to power through and connect back to my Source. 
Mom I appreciate you. And, to all the other women in my life, THANK YOU.
I continue to take the responsibility and loving action in supporting the positive growth of those who are behind me.
Photo credit: Camacho Roberts
I love how we love one another. Let's continue this loving support..
Here's to us women!
Today and every day!
Photo credit: Camacho Roberts

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