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Gracias Pachamama 20% off for EARTH DAY

Happy Earth Day!
I have made a conscious effort to simply sit and observe Mother Nature. I continue to be dumbfounded by the power that she possesses. In this inner silent time, I hear the wind whisper and birds chirp. I smell jasmine and wild flowers. I hear waves crash and feel the water hit my skin. I have experienced gratitude and sometimes fear of her power. Overall, I have found this experience humbling.
Thank you Pachamama, for EVERYTHING. How can I give back?
Before leaving Venice Beach, I volunteered for Community Healing Gardens. Their mission is to grow stronger communities through urban gardening. I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty with my neighbors. We planted fruits, vegetables, and herbs that later I harvested and used in my cooking. Such a special experience.

In addition to this, Community Healing Gardens supports the Watts community by working with kids at Edwin Markham Middle School teaching them how to do the exact same thing. Plant it, love it and watch it grow.. And of course, EAT IT! Co-collaborating with Mother Earth.
Starting on Earth Day, April 22nd (through May 1st), use the coupon code CHG
(Community Healing Gardens) and get 20% off 1, 2 or even 3 items of jewelry on Laura Elizabeth Jewelry. 30% of profits will go towards this incredible organization. While you're getting a deal, you are also giving one.

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