April - Earth Month

Why do we celebrate Earth Day? I’m gonna answer that question with another question.. Where would we be without the earth that we live on? I’ll leave that answer to the scientists.

I used to nanny. And, kids have taught me a lot. Have you ever gone on a walk with a toddler? It takes an hour to walk around the block. An hour! Why? Cause they stop and take in every detail. Children remind me to stop and smell the roses, to stop and acknowledge the “big” tree and the singing birds. Thanks to kids I am reminded to not take this planet for granted. And, in this intention, I continue to make a conscious effort to preserve Mother Earth so that those toddlers can grow up and later be reminded to also appreciate.

Thankfully, there are several easy ways to protect Mother Nature..  Recycling, using reusable bags, and even purchasing #sustainablefashion.

Photo credit: Todd V. Wolfson

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