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Don't Make Me Stand in Line!

Lines are the absolute worst! Maybe it's my lack of patience. Maybe it's my laziness. Maybe it's my inner entitled adolescent. Maybe it just sucks! You can't make me do it! 
You know what? I'm not making you do it, either. You want a deal? You wanna shop with a cup of coffee, tea or glass of wine in your hand? Want to not be rushed to make a purchase? Or be pushed to buy something? Cool. You do you..
Get FREE SHIPPING on Laura Elizabeth (1st class or Priority) Use coupon code: freeship (now through December 10th)
And get 10% off your entire Laura Elizabeth purchase with coupon code: holidaydeal (now through December 10th)
Take your time.. Have your drink.. Stay warm. Relax. You have plenty of time. 

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