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Cactus That Doesn't Poke Ya


Who doesn't love a cactus or succulent? I don't have a "green thumb," so I like the low maintenance plants that look the best. And, I love me some cactus. To me they symbolize my many road trips throughout the southern US. Did you know there are over 2000 different kinds of cacti? That's crazy! I love the saguaro one. Seems the most symbolic to me. And, like the Hamsa (hand) necklace, this is shorter and the cactus often hangs on her side. But, don't worry, she won't stick ya with any thorns.

This necklace is approximately 15 inches long with 2 inch extenders. The cactus pendant is cast in recycled brass and gold or sterling silver plated. The chains are 14-karat gold-filled or sterling silver.

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